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I think over the years she understands it more, but over the years I’ve also accepted her and her faith more.”But then Terry asked something that was cringe-inducing; something that was almost hard to believe she thought was a question that anyone could or should be asked:“I want to ask you more about comprehending your sexuality, your sexual orientation.

You’d had a boyfriend in high school; you went to the prom together.

'”Abby, again, respectfully answered:“I think the person that I am, I’m kind of one of those people and maybe people get that from the book, I will pretty much try anything once.

Becuase I can’t have an opinion about something that I don’t know of or that I haven’t experienced.

Couples therapist Esther Perel is an expert in cheating.

In her interview with NPR’s award-winning, host Terry Gross asks the former pro soccer player about any Catholic guilt she might have had; any idea that she was “sinning” when she had her first girlfriend.

on Thursday alongside fellow scheduled guests Anthony Anderson and Kesha. Many of the program’s shows dating to the 1970s were digitized and put online this year.

The longtime NPR host’s appearance also puts her back alongside Roots bandleader and Philly native Questlove, whom she interviewed on The show reaches about 6 million people weekly over 646 NPR stations throughout the country, according to a release.

I had a boyfriend in high school and towards the end of my high school years, I met my first girlfriend and I think that was the first time in my life I started to think for myself, right?

And so yeah, I do feel like, at the time, being an indoctrinated Catholic, I did feel like that was a sin and so I kind of turned my back away from the church and did steadily until not necessarily the church, but my faith, until recently. God bless [my mom’s] soul, literally, she’s a wonderful woman, and brought me so much joy and so much love throughout my life, but this was a hard thing for her to understand, because of her faith, and I get it. I pleaded in so many different ways with her, but because of her faith it has taken her a long time to understand this whole process, this whole idea — that ‘this is not a choice, this is who I am’ conversation.

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